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This Monday, FOX airs its new brand new episode of the hit US medical television series. House Season 7 Episode 13 comes out on February 21, 2011 at 8PM. The 13 episode on seventh season and 145th in overall episode is entitled "Two Stories".

Previously on House TV series, the episode was titled "You Must Remember This" where a woman comes to the hospital having a temporary paralysis. Dr. House was interested to the extreme memory of that woman as he take the case. In the end, he concluded final diagnose is McLeod syndrome.

What awaits on the newest episode of House? See the House 7x13 preview video below.

House Season 7 Episode 13 7x13 "Two Stories" Plot

The House Season 7 Episode 13 "Two Stories" follows Dr. House attending a career day in an elementary school where he will tell stories about his various medical cases. Also, his making fun of different cultural differences.

What kind of illness will Dr. House and his team face in this episode? Catch and Watch House Season 7 Episode 13 on Monday night.


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