House MD TV Series
FOX House television series airs its newest episode on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 8PM. The House Season 7 Episode 12 is titled "You Must Remember This".

Previously on House TV series, House 7x11 "Family Practice", Cuddy's mother was rushed into the hospital and requested that she doesn't like that Dr. House will treat her. Dr House and his team still treat Cudd's mother amidst his refusal. In the end, House final diagnosis of Cobalt poisoning secondary to metallosis.

House Season 7 Episode 12

A woman with an extraordinary memory experiences temporary paralysis, and a visit from her sister triggers more health complications; Foreman helps Taub prepare for an exam; House discovers Wilson's new secret companion.

Final Diagnosis in the end is McLeod syndrome.

What does this new medical episode mean to our favorite doctor on television? Don't miss to Watch House Season 7 Episode 12 on Monday evening.


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