House MD TV Series
The newest episode of FOX House American drama series comes out this Monday, February 7, 2011. House Season 7 Episode 11 is entitled "Family Practice" in direction of Miguel Sapochnik and screenplay written by Peter Blake. It's another new exciting medical issue! Will House and his team diagnose the illness?

The House Season 7 Episode 11 "Family Practice" is the 11th episode of the seventh season of hit American medical US drama series House. The story follows Cuddy's mother played by Candice Bergen who refuses to undergo medical observation and treatment to Dr. House after she was rushed to the hospital. She doesn't want Cuddy and her sister (Paula Marshall) to know some secrets in her past. Meanwhile, Taub's ex-brother-in-law is doing some job that leads damage to Taub.
What is the secret that Cuddy's mother is keeping? Can House solve this medical issue? Fans and avid viewers, don't miss to Watch House Season 7 Episode 11 this Monday night.


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